Youth Programs


A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, the kind of clothes I wore… But the world may be a much different place…because I was important in the life of a child.

Youth Mentoring
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LIFRC's Youth Mentoring Program has been successfully matching adults and youth on Lopez since 1997. What is a mentor? A trusted friend, a guide, a good listener, a responsive and reliable adult. A successful mentor enjoys working with children and is willing to make a commitment of time and self.

The initial time commitment for a mentor and mentee relationship is one year. However, most often this relationship continues on much longer. Some relationships begin in elementary school and endure through high school and even into adulthood. Although most students are in elementary school when paired with a mentor, middle and high school students may also be matched.

Mentors and mentees typically spend 6-8 hours together each month, enjoying a variety of activities, such as arts and crafts, board games, outdoor activities, sports and volunteering. There are currently over 25 active mentor-mentee pairs in the program.

In addition, Youth Mentoring offers small-group outdoor mentoring for Middle School Girls, High School Girls, Middle School Boys, and La Cima Bilingual Youth Leadership in partnership with Orcas Funhouse and San Juan Island Family Resource Center. To enroll in a small group, please read the program descriptions and follow the registration links.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, or if you would like your child matched with a mentor, please contact Patsy Haber Or start the application process using the links below:

  • To start a mentor application, please Click Here.                   

  • To start a mentee application, please Click Here.

  • Español: Solicitud para Jóvenes         Haz Clic Aquí


This program is supported by Washington State Healthcare Authority, San Juan County, Mentor Washington, Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and our community.

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After-school Programs
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Lopez has always been a place where youth can find carefree enchantment, and LIFRC's youth programs build on that tradition. We are pleased to provide youth a chance to play, grown and learn with one another through workshops, day camps, adventures and outdoor experiences. During this pandemic period, we strive to model community health practices, resiliency and island ingenuity. 

All programs are developed in partnership with San Juan County Health & Community Services to comply with safety standards. During 2020-21, all programs are free to Lopez residents to support youth and their families during the pandemic.

FALL 2021: LIFRC is collaborating with the Lopez Island School District and Lopez Library to offer an after-school learning enrichment program. San Juan County has allocated ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funding for childcare, which we will use to hire staff. The school will provide an in-kind match of school facilities, as well as staff time to track attendance and be sure children go the correct place after school.  The library will be a vital partner offering reading and literacy activities. 
You can find after-school program sign-up information HERE.

After-School Programs are funded by the No Child Left Inside Grant of the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office.  A Hero's Journey is funded by our community of donors.

This program is supported by the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

Parent/Tot Social Groups

The Parent/Tot program provides enrichment to new families and prepares children for preschool. Parent/Tot groups are the first step on a continuum of community-supported education involving collaboration between LIFRC, the Lopez Children's Center and Lopez School. 

Our English and Spanish parent leaders plan and facilitate parent-tot social groups using guidelines from the Kaleidoscope Play and Learn Curriculum, which includes arts and crafts activities, music, dance and games.  Parents connect weekly with other parents who have children aged 0-5, to share and learn about the joys and challenges of raising children.  This year we are happy to introduce Vroom literature and materials to our sessions as well for fun and easy early-learning experiences. 

Due to a general increased COVID case count in our community, Parent-Tot will not be meeting in person for the time being. Developmentally appropriate activity bags with most, if not all, materials are being distributed instead! Please email Katy Hill, Early Learning Programs Manager, at to sign your child up for a bag.

This program is supported in part by the Bezos Family Foundation and by the Washington State Department of Health. 

Therapeutic Play Program
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The preschool Primary Intervention Program (PIP) is our school-based therapeutic play program. Students, referred to the program by teachers, staff or parents, spend 30 minutes in the playroom once a week. In this one-to-one, child-centered setting, children play through situations related to social and emotional skills. Research shows that children who receive this type of support in school may experience increased self-esteem, improved focus and ability to learning, and more positive social interactions. 

To learn more, review our fact sheet:  PIP Facts for Parent 2017-2018.


Note: this program is currently suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Summer Camps & Workshops
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Each year, LIFRC Summer Workshops combine the beauty of the island with the talents of our community to present a fabulous array of youth (and adult!) workshops. Whether your interest is a seaweed ramble, a seafaring adventure, arts and crafts, or faerie walks with your child, we've got you covered. 


Summer Workshop brochures are released in late spring and registration opens in late spring/early summer. Stay tuned for our latest offerings!

To learn more, contact Youth Program Coordinator Q Williams:



This program is supported by the No Child Left Inside Grant of the Washington state Recreation and Conservation Office and our generous community of individuals, businesses and organizational donors. 

Academic Supports
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LIFRC's Homework Club has been revamped during the pandemic. Our team of dedicated volunteer tutors (many of whom are former teachers) partner with the Lopez Island School District to provide academic tutoring and engagement support for Lopez School students in grades 4-12, including:

  • small group and individual tutoring  

  • specialized academic tutoring for students who are also English Language Learners

  • extended paraprofessional services to students enrolled in IEPs

To connect with free tutoring services, please contact: