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Our Programs

The Coast Salish tribes teach us about obligations—to think about how our actions impact everyone and everything around us.

Client and Community Programs

Our programs fall into three areas, beginning with ADVOCACY, which ensures our community has the leadership and focus necessary to influence policy and resource availability. To foster WELL-BEING, we first help residents meet basic needs, starting with food and housing. Once those needs are met, we offer OPPORTUNITY through programs providing mentoring and life skills. 


Advocating for a better future

Our advocacy programs are community driven. We convene groups of stakeholders; build consensus around needs; hold community conversations and trainings; and cultivate grassroots leadership to drive progress. This approach helps to shape productive policy and solutions, setting the stage for success in many areas — including affordable housing, food security, mental health systems, care coordination, and equity

Building a foundation of well-being

We help members of our community gain access to the fundamentals of life: nutritious food, secure housing, reliable transportation, and assistance with basic expenses. We work to meet these needs so that everyone can have a foundation on which to build and thrive.

Creating opportunities

Access to opportunity is vital for a prosperous, healthy way of life. LIFRC creates continuing education, mentorship, and engagement programs for islanders of all ages. 

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