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On the Road with Lopez Food Share

We’re ecstatic to announce that LIFRC was awarded a special COVID capacity grant in the amount of $109,000 by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). The grant provides restricted funds towards infrastructure support for local food banks. Lopez Food Share will use funds to purchase a fully electric, insulated van, a new dry goods storage pod, and a commercial refrigerator. We’re so grateful to our community volunteers who’ve used their personal vehicles to transport bulk food purchases from off-island. These pick-ups have been limited by vehicle capacity. An insulated van allows us to save money by procuring larger food orders and transport them safely. And its green system is good for our environment! The evolution of the Lopez Food Share has been a bright beacon of hope in an otherwise difficult and daunting pandemic year. We are deeply thankful for our generous donors and volunteers who’ve made this program possible. Special thanks to the fabulous food community, local farmers, and Food Share recipients who have helped shape this invaluable community resource, which provides nutritious food to more than 200 Lopezians each week. Be on the lookout for the new electric Lopez Food Share van on the road in June!

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