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LIFRC is Hiring Junior Camp Counselors

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

LIFRC is excited to announce that we are hiring 15 Junior Camp Counselors to assist as youth leaders during our summer day camp. This idea evolved from the initiative older campers took to show their leadership during our summer camp last year.

This camper took the initiative to read to younger campers during the 2021 camp.

Her example inspired the creation of the Junior Camp Counselor (JCC) position.

Local 4th-6th graders will go through a formal hiring process. They will view the job description, fill out an application and have an interview. Qualifying candidates should reside full-time on Lopez. Each Junior Camp Counselor will receive a stipend for their help during the camp. Their major responsibilities include camper safety, health, and participation: serving snacks, making sure campers are staying hydrated and resting when needed, encouraging campers to participate during camp activities, reporting incidents to lead instructors, and assisting with all tasks.

This opportunity was made possible by Lauren and Jamie Stephens, who have sponsored an LIFRC summer workshops intern for more than a decade and are now helping enable the new Junior Camp Counselor positions this summer. We’d also like to add our thanks to all of our generous donors and organizations who make summer camps and scholarships possible so all youth can participate.

Position details and interview questions appear below. Applications are now closed for the summer of 2022.

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