A Day of Sharing and Connection to Honor Culture

Research suggests that people who feel a sense of connection, belonging, and trust within their community, are not only happier but also healthier.

If this is in fact true, then yesterday the leaders of Voices and Visions not only spread buckets full of joy but also planted the seeds to improve the collective health of our island.

More than 150 people came to learn, share and celebrate Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead.

We feasted upon fresh made tamales, pan de muerto, a typical brioche-style bread made specifically for this time of year, and atole, a warm cinnamon, rice-based drink similar to the US tradition of hot cocoa.

Some came dressed as Catrinas, bringing elegance to the notion of death. Some built public altars in memory of their loved ones. Children decorated sugar skull cookies and got their faces painted, and we all learned that the only way to truly understand a tradition is to live it.

We are so grateful to all the hard work put in by so many members of the Spanish speaking community and for their willingness to invite us in and share with us their tradition. Here is to many more events like this one!