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THIS is 21st Century Learning!

The Lopez Island After School Program is open for registration.

"It is just really really fun!"

- 3rd Grade Participant

Swimming with sharks, indoor skydiving, rock climbing and more...

Choice is a huge part of the after-school program, from what games and activities the youth want to do but also how to do them.  The program is built on the belief that engaging youth in the creation of the program is the key to youth engagement. 

Even the names of each respective program, Camp No Name for middle schoolers and Camp Huckleberry for the elementary kids, were chosen and voted on with an overwhelming majority by the kids themselves.


“That’s what makes the After School Program so special, it’s got a whole do-it-yourself component,” says Pat Burleson, Coordinator for the elementary After School Program. “When you allow that kind of approach to take place, curiosity is stimulated and learning suddenly becomes fun.” 


The After School Program is funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant, making it free for Lopez families. 4 weeks into its launch, things are still taking form, but there is no doubt that whatever they do, be it building a synthesizer in order to learn about music, creating their own recipes in order to learn about culinary skills, or polishing their leadership skills by a peer supported homework club.


The kids only know where this learning will go. 

Do you know a child that might like to join?

There are still spots available. Click here to fill out the application form. 

Want to participate in another way? 
  • Do you have a special skill to bring to the program? Join us as a guest instructor.

  • We are still looking for a regular instructor and substitute instructors to join the team. Link to Job posting.

  • Interested in driving the kids home after the program? We are still in need of licensed bus drivers. 

  • Fund snacks. The grant supports all staff hours and supplies- but we cannot purchase snacks with the grant. If you’d like to donate funds or healthy foods to support snack time, we would be very appreciative. 

  • Soon to come: Family events. Help us volunteer to organize and manage events.  

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